Personalized nutrition?

Recent scientific findings are beginning to lend support to a new approach to diet, one personalized to the individual.

Despite the hype, though, personalized nutrition may not be ready for practical application in the clinic.

This debate is not new–and is far from settled.

Ludwig, Astrup, and Willett (2015) suggest a path forward: “To avoid polarization in the scientific dialogue and public confusion, feeding studies, clinical trials, and observational studies warrant cautious interpretation, regardless of whether the outcomes support or challenge conventional nutritional understanding. Ultimately, the most reliable evidence on the health effects of diet, especially as it pertains to chronic disease, will derive from a combination of multiple lines of investigation, including mechanistic investigations, epidemiologic observations, feeding studies with surrogate outcomes, and longer term behavioral trials.”

The above quote makes me feel warm and tingly inside. 

Ludwig, D. S., Astrup, A., & Willett, W. C. (2015). The glycemic index: Reports of its demise have been exaggerated. Obesity, 23(7), 1327-1328.

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